Wednesday, July 9, 2008

One from the archives: My oldest drawing

For this journey into the past we're going back a l-o-n-g way, to the oldest drawing of mine that I still own. It was drawn when I was ten years old.

Clearly it was kept (by my mum) as it's an "award-winning" cartoon: Third Prize in the Schools Painting Competition run by the Catterick and District Caged Bird Society. Oh, yes. Here's the proof:

It was not intended as a cartoon as such, but I think the drawing betrays a cartoonist's sensibility ...

Yes, that's right, I drew a dodo for the Caged Bird Society! I remember being slightly obsessed with the extinct bird as a kid. Not sure why. I love the fact that the certificate just says "His painting of a bird". It's not even a painting as it's drawn with coloured pencils. I also like the fact that the dodo looks pretty evil.

I did draw cartoons before this. I made my own comic when I was about eight or nine called "Ka-Pow!" I used to draw it with carbon paper underneath and an extra sheet of paper so I'd have a copy for my friend Richard. I've no idea what happened to the comics, so my strips "Gomez the Gorilla" and "Toot and Carmen" are sadly not available to be shown here.

That's probably a good thing, on reflection.

Some more up-to-date cartoons by Royston


  1. AnonymousJuly 10, 2008

    shame you lost the old comics -- great idea doing them on carbon paper!

    toot and carmen -- great title -- were they ancient egyptians ?

    i wonder if there's any relationship between your childhood obsession with the dodo and your choice of career in adult life....?

  2. They were ancient Egyptians, how did you guess? ;-) They were based on two mantelpiece ornaments that my Dad, who was then in the Merchant Navy, had brought back from his travels.

    Interesting dodo theory, but I think there's a little life left in cartooning yet. Hope so, anyway.



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