The most pretentious album sleeve-notes ever written?

From Worlds of Possibility, a Domino Records compilation. I’m still trying to work out if it’s a joke.

“Perhaps this is a return to just saying things. That sounds like it’s in the area of right. Good songs build rooms in time. Think of “Tacoma Rain” or “Woodchilde Masquerade” and no one’s even written them yet, for goodness sake! Yes there are second aspects to all this. Good times will turn lies into truth, and the advantage still pours haltlessly into the hands of the untrue, boring and useless but we’ll keep at this basically moral work, until those garnet palisades are flush with exits and our eyebrows have become like snowy ledges because there is nothing like your love in all this world.”

An over-reliance on italics to really stress things is never a good sign.