Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Days and confused

Cartoons changed my perception of self the other day. No, really. I was looking through a compilation of Oor Wullie and The Broons strips from the 1960s (despite the name, and my middle name Alexander, I'm not Scottish, but I was raised in the North East of England and the two Sunday Post strips were popular at the time) when I found a strip for the Sunday following the day I was born. Trouble was, the date listed would mean I was born on a Wednesday and not, as I had always been told, a Thursday. Further checks on the net proved that my birthday was, indeed, a Wednesday. So my Mum always told me “Thursday’s child has far to go”, but it turns out that I’m Wednesday’s child ... “full of woe”! Still, it’s probably the natural state of mind for us struggling cartoonists.


  1. hi royston

    just noticed you've been updating this more regularly (last time i looked you hadn't posted here for months)

    i'll stop by more often


  2. Hi Wil. Yes, such is the way with blogs, other things get in the way. Hope you noticed also that I put links to your sites!

  3. ah thanks, royston!
    most kind.

    actually, the wiLbur comix one is pretty much dead -- hasn't been updated for ages..

    i'm putting my portfolio site together at the moment which is actually more fun to do than i expected -- i'll let you know you the url when it's a bit more there..

  4. There's still loads of great cartoons on the site though, it's hardly "dead". C'mon Will, you need to work on your sales pitch ;-)

  5. kind of you to say so.

    ok, maybe it's just in intensive care...



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