Thursday, March 13, 2014

Cartoons and the digital workplace

I was commissioned to draw seven cartoon strips for a company's staff-training programme, on the subject of adjusting to the "digital workplace". Here are two of them.

I've drawn so many cartoons about the technology that is such a part of our lives these days that I found the strips almost wrote themselves. A fun job then, and one that featured the cartoon debut of our cat Mike, above, pictured when he was a kitten.

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  1. So many things wrong with the second cartoon-
    Asking a user for their password usually a sacking offence in big corporations- certainly is where I work.
    And why would he need it anyway?
    Just reset it via the Active Directory admin tool (more than likely Windows infrastructure).
    Or log in with your own admin account.
    Or use one of the many password hack/reset tools available on disreputable Russian websites.
    Over 20 years in IT support- I thank you.

    (Lovely kittn in first toon tho')

  2. Thanks, Len. And there was me thinking that you guys just said "Have you tried turning it off and on again?"



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