Doctor Who cartoon regenerated

I drew a "regenerated" version of my cartoon for the Doctor Who fansite Adventures with the Wife in Space, as Neil and Sue Perryman, who have been watching an episode of the 49-year-old series every day from the very beginning, are now on to the Peter Davison years. And the fifth Doctor was famous for a love of cricket and, er, celery.

The original version, in which Neil wears a Tom Baker scarf, was drawn last year for when the project got its own site (it had previously been part of another site).

As you can see, Neil also inflicts some of the dodgy spin-offs on his long-suffering missus. He asked if I was OK with him "customising" the cartoon for different episodes, with different screenshots and captions. I would normally be wary of allowing people to alter my drawings in this way, but it works for this site.

If you haven't yet seen the site, check it out at wifeinspace.com. It's very funny. And you can see lots more of my Doctor Who-based cartoons here.