Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Library picture

I was more than a little chuffed, when browsing in my local library here in Broadstairs, to come across a copy of my cartoon book. There it is, above, punching above its weight amid heftier tomes. I had heard that it was in there, I suppose it is a "supporting local artists" thing.

Initially I thought no-one had taken it out, but then I remembered that there's no way of knowing. The borrowing process is automated now, and you get a receipt with the return date from a machine, rather than a stamp in your book from a human being. I can't say I'm happy about that, it seems a bit impersonal, but it's better than libraries closing, which is happening all over the country. So, support your local library! (And borrow my book!)

Or, you could buy a copy. (Ideal Christmas present etc.) You can get it from Amazon and, but in the spirit of small enterprise I'd prefer it if you bought it directly from me, as I see more of the money that way: Visit my shop.


  1. ..and mysteriously it's in every section! Well done Royston I think you go away with it. ;)

    Seriously that must be nice to see. You should receive a fee every time it's taken out. I don't think it's much though.

    Not many people realise that libraries are a treasure trove for people interested in Comics and Graphic novels.

    I'm always picking up and trying books I wouldn't normally buy.

    So, if you don't already, go and support your local library by reading Comics and Graphic Novels for FREE!. Sounds like a hell of a deal to me.

  2. Ha, I know how it looks, Chris, but it genuinely was nothing to do with me! If it was I'd have made sure they bought the book from me (it was from Amazon, they print Lulu's print-on-demand books themselves and there's wording to that effect in the back of the book) as I get more money that way.

    Yes, I'm already signed up for Public Lending Right, as a result of some books I illustrated for Scholastic some time ago, so I will add my book to the account. You're right that it's never very much but it's still money artists and writers entitled to.

    And yes, you're right about libraries. They're an under-used resource, though our local one is often quite busy, thankfully.



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