Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cowboy cartoon: Talkin' long captions

Here's a cartoon that comprehensively breaks the unwritten rule that captions should be snappy and to the point.
"This town ain't big enough for the two of us, so I'm proposing 1,000 new homes with a commitment to affordable housing plus adjacent retail park and leisure destination."

I spent quite a bit of time trawling local council websites to get the deathlessly dull phrases that they use right. "Leisure destination" is a particularly annoying one. This can be seen in the November issue of Reader's Digest.

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  1. Good gag and I like the artwork. I'm getting a slight 'wilbur' vibe from the clouds - perhaps the free flowing wobbly nature of them!

  2. I used to draw clouds very much in the flat-bottomed style, like weather forecast diagrams, but I needed something a bit more realistic when I drew this cartoon: and have kept the style since. And I'm sure Wilbur's distinctive clouds were an influence. Also, I changed the lines on the clouds to blue, I don't normally use coloured lines so it is slightly different to my usual style.



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