Monday, December 13, 2010

Deconstructing the snowman cartoon

Can I really post two snowmen cartoons in a row? Well, it is [almost] Christmas. Snowmen gags are great to do, as you can take the joke in so many different directions, as Bill "Calvin and Hobbes" Watterson demonstrates in these strips ...

My cartoon above came about as I was trying to think up Christmas cartoons and decided to break the "classic" snowman image into its constituent parts: two lumps of coal, a carrot, two sticks etc. The joke more or less instantly came out of that process. This is one of two I've got in the current Reader's Digest.

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  1. v nice gag, and interesting to hear the process behind it.

    pedantry corner: 'fraid it's not the current rd any more though -- the january issue was delivered to my door (inexplicably, not being a subscriber) this very morning.

  2. No, no, that's the *new* issue, this is from the *current* i.e. December issue ;-) Look, I can't be responsible for the ceaseless passage of time you know, it was current when I put it on the blog on Monday!

  3. well, i think it's about time you TOOK a bit of responsibility for the ceaseless passage of time.

  4. ~Sigh~ If only I could [gazes wistfully into middle distance ...]



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