Thursday, September 30, 2010

Books cartoon: Thinking about inking

The Dragon with the Girl Tattoo

You may have seen quite a few cartoons around which play on Stieg Larsson's The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Cartoonists often riff off each other's ideas to come up with new jokes, and certain themes take hold. This cartoon can be seen in the October issue of Reader's Digest.

If you saw my Ramsgate Arts festival talk last month, you'll have got a sneak preview of this. You lucky people.

Royston's portfolio website


  1. Darn.

    I knew someone would get there before me. Submitted exactly the same gag to the Eye last week. Bit slow on the uptake, old Aaron.

    Mine has better cleavage but less lustrous hair on the tattoo...

  2. It was bound to happen. They might still go for it (though they passed on this one!)

  3. Well, apologies in advance if they do! (Though we CAN'T have been the first ones to think of it!)

  4. Ha, no worries, it found a happy home anyway.

  5. Excellent! Really like the artwork on this one Royston - that dragon's face is wonderfully leery.

    Was wondering how many more variations would be played out. Am waiting for Tony Husband's 'Girl with the Tortoise Tattoo'

  6. Thanks, Tim.

    Re. Tortoise Tattoo, it is but a matter of time ...



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