Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Religion cartoon: Screaming Pope

As Pope Benedict is due to visit Britain this week, here's a cartoon I did a while back about scandals in the Catholic Church.

This was drawn and coloured completely with brush pens in a futile attempt to recreate one of Francis Bacon's haunting "Screaming Pope" paintings (this one: Study after Velazquez's Portrait of Pope Innocent.)

I was brought up as a Catholic and was even an altar boy, though thankfully I never suffered any abuse (no inappropriate jokes, please!) But, as you can probably guess from the cartoon, I'm now officially in the "lapsed" category.

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  1. Royston I was on twitter last night and so many comments (mainly inappropriate) I wonder what the fall out will be? I had never seen Portrait of Pope Innocent. Your offering is far better. Don

  2. Thanks Don, not sure I can accept the compliment that my artwork is better than Francis Bacon! Funnier, maybe ;-)

  3. That's a quote for my website: "Better at drawing hands than Francis Bacon."

  4. I've got an anecdote about that Francis Bacon painting. Won't recount it in full on here, but if interested, drop me an email!


  5. I know I'm 3 years too late, but Huw is such a tease.

  6. Heh, he did email it to me though. I'm sure he'll tell you if he can remember it though the fuzzy-headedness of the new dad days!



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