Thursday, August 26, 2010

Talk and slideshow ready for arts festival

"Death, where is thy Sting?"

This weekend I'll be putting the case for when puns are acceptable (the case for the defence, above), looking at how to generate ideas, presenting the "journey" of a cartoon from rough idea to magazine page, and generally showing off and hoping for laughs, with a talk/slideshow at A Summer Squall, the Ramsgate arts festival.

I've put the slideshow together this week and have written a few notes to go with it. There will also (hopefully) be a Q&A session.

If you're in the area, come along. It's on at Ramsgate Library at 2pm on Saturday. Admission is free but you need to book. Tickets are available at the Custom House, Harbour Parade, Ramsgate, or by calling 07544-971 685.

For more on A Summer Squall, a three-day event which includes music, theatre, film, exhibitions, workshops etc, see the website.


  1. hope it goes well and you have good time..

  2. Nikki Harries (Tims Wife)August 27, 2010

    Wish we could make it, but Ramsgate this w/end, Brighton next weekend and Skegness in a few weeks is just too much driving for one over worked lady. I am sure it will be a blast though!

  3. Thanks, John.

    No worries, Nikki (I'd have known who you were without "Tim's wife" by the way!) I wasn't really expecting anyone to travel to see it, as we're so far away from, er, everyone!

  4. Enjoy it, your audience surely will. Wish I could be there too, but Bognor is quite far away....

  5. Thanks Surreal, I enjoyed it very much.

    Point of interest re. this cartoon, it was the only one in the talk to get a big ol' groan! I suspected that may be the case though, so the slideshow was very light on puns.



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