Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Morris dancing cartoon: For Broadstairs Folk Week

"It's important to keep up English traditions." – "Hic! I agree. The morris dancing is fun, too."

I drew this cartoon a while back, as I've always found it funny that hobbies such as morris dancing, bell-ringing, and the like, are usually just a cover for serious drinking, which is fair enough.

The cartoon is posted here to mark Broadstairs Folk Week, which begins tomorrow (August 6). It can also be seen over at the local Thanet website Isle One, along with a short interview with me, plugging my aforementioned talk on cartooning.

Folk Week means that the town will be overrun with morris dancers, musicians and lots of people with beards for the next seven days. It's always good fun and there's lots to see and do. I'm even planning a bit of time away from the drawing board myself.

Now, where did I leave that tambourine?

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  1. I never get to Broadstairs on account of it clashing with the Sidmouth Folk Festival, but what these morris dancers have never realised is that you don't need to get dressed up in all that gear to do yer serious drinking. It works just as well without.

    I know someone who was thrown out of a posh tearoom in Sidmouth after an 'afternoon tea with scones and jam' got out of hand. I've yet to find out the precise details.

  2. The costumes are so very white too, and hence prone to beer spillage! Mind you we see a lot of the more off-the-wall morris men here too, dressed in black and green rags with sinister face masks, and the like. (Bet the masks make the drinking even harder ...)

    The tearoom story sounds like that great scene from Withnail and I:



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