Social cartoons: The way we live now

"This is one of the pitfalls of shopping online ..."

When I tell people I draw cartoons they usually think primarily in terms of "topical", asking if I watch the news all the time to keep up with what's going on.

Of course, topical cartoons are part of what I do, but mostly they're not "this week's news" topical, they're more about reflecting the way we live now. And often it's the little things in life that I make jokes about.

This cartoon, from the current issue of The Spectator, is a case in point. Many people who do online shopping will recognise the scenario, even if it is a slight exaggeration.

Here are some more examples of this type of cartoon. They don't shout as loudly as newsy or political cartoons because they're not about the "big" issues, but they play a part in comment on society, I think. And, importantly, they usually have a longer shelf-life.
"I like to wear loud ties at work to project my true personality."

The fountain of youth

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