Thursday, February 11, 2010

More clown cartoons

As has been documented here before, I love to draw strange and/or shabby looking clowns when I doodle, so I was pleased when I was recently asked to illustrate a story about a circus that's offering keep-fit classes. A gift!

Meanwhile, the doodles of dodgy clowns keep coming (click to enlarge):
And my son, who is seven and loves to draw, appears to have caught the bug too:

Finally, here's a clown cartoon from a 2007 Reader's Digest:

"Oooh, tough crowd."

Royston's portfolio website


  1. Yes, really like your various clowns. That yellow faced one looks to be particularly deranged! Needs to cut down on the caffeine.

    I finally got round to watching Psychoville. I don't know if you've seen it, but the character Mr Jelly is almost a living version of your cartoons - equal parts shabby and scary. I drew a couple of pictures of him while watching the show and they are a little disturbing. Shades of Stephen King's IT in there too.

    /hides under the duvet...

  2. Missed Psychoville. Must try to catch it next time it's on.

    Beau Bo D'Or has pointed out on Twitter that there's an Alistair Darling in the b&w clowns doodle and at least one Gordon Brown. Wow, subliminal political clowns!

  3. great stuff, but the one i really love here is fergus' ;D
    it may have just given me a gag idea, too...

  4. Fergus's one was drawn a few months back and I think I mentioned it to you last time I saw you as it reminds me of a Wilbur cartoon! It's the bulky body with thin legs, I think. He's definitely showing potential as a cartoonist, God help him!

  5. haha! give the lad his own sketch blog! i'd love to see more of his stuff.

  6. Yes, a definite touch of 'wilburlegs' there.

  7. Wilburlegs? Sounds painful. Can you get medication for that?



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