Thursday, March 20, 2008

Books cartoon finds a home at last

Sometimes it takes a cartoon a while to find its rightful place in the world. This gag appears in The Oldie Review of Books, a supplement free with the current issue of The Oldie magazine.

They wrote to contributing cartoonists asking for gags on a books theme so I submitted some that I had on file. This one had been submitted to many magazines here and abroad – including The Oldie! – but had never sold. But it found a fitting home in a magazine about books.

This is why I like to refer to my files of unpublished cartoons not as rejections, but as gags that haven't sold yet...

Cartoons by Royston


  1. it's a good 'un, surprised it didn't sell before this.

  2. Thanks, Wilbur. As you know, it's usually not the cartoons you think are the best that sell!



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