Thursday, March 15, 2007

Private Eye cartoon: Queue here

This gag is in the current edition of Private Eye. I thought it up while waiting in a slow-moving queue at the bank. It wasn't me doing the tutting or sighing, you understand, I was busy scribbling this down in an A6 notebook that I carry around with me:

Down-time well spent, I'm sure you'll agree! Cartoons often come from real life situations, of course, so it can be problematic when you work at home on your own because you don't connect with the world enough. You have to get out from time to time, to observe people and what they are saying and doing. Even if it is being annoying in a queue.


  1. I saw this in the Eye. A great cartoon.

  2. I like the vigorous tick in the notebook too...

  3. Yes, that's a "draw this one up" tick. It's probably so vigorous as I was fairly confident that this was a strong gag. Often they're not so vigorous and can be accompanied by a question mark or two.

  4. like it very much! I used it for my persuasive essay why people should stand in a row.

  5. Glad you liked it Vera, but I do prefer if people ask before using my cartoons, as it says on the sidebar: "If you want to use any of the images here, or would like to commission Royston to draw cartoons, email: roystonrobertson [at]"



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