Thursday, February 8, 2007

Oldie magazine cartoon: Released from limbo

Sometimes a magazine will accept a cartoon but then hang on to it for a long time before using it. This one is in the current issue of The Oldie, but they've had it for almost a year.

It was actually drawn in January 2006, with a Rotring technical pen. It's almost a year since I switched to brush pens, so although it's good to finally see this in print, I much prefer the brush-pen line.

The gag is, of course, a variation on the "wise guru" theme, one of the cartoon cliches that have been around for years, along with desert island gags and "take me to your leader" aliens. It's always a good idea to come up with new, fresh themes for cartoons, but it doesn't do any harm to knock out the odd variation on a well-worn theme!


  1. Your comment about Rotring & brushpen caught my attention. I wonder if you use Faber-Castell Pitt art pens brush?
    I quite like them. In fact I spent a small fortune on many different pens & ink, then found Faber-Castell's are quite sufficient.

  2. Hi Bryan, yes it's the Pitt pens I use. They're very convenient and you can get a nice, variable line. But they do wear out pretty fast, or at least they do the way I use them!

  3. Thanks, Royston. That's encouraging to know. I had been buying the 4 pen packs, going from S to B, but will have to buy extra B's as they go fast. Thanks again.

  4. PS... just read about your Faber Castell's use on your website... I should've read there



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