Friday, January 19, 2007

Getting the cartoon idea straight away

It's rare as a cartoonist to come up with the right idea straight away. Normally there's lots of scribbling and frustration. But it does happen. I was asked to draw a cartoon to accompany a newspaper story about a prison with an excellent recycling record. Being a cartoonist, the very first thing I thought about was a convict's suit with arrows on it. Which led immediately to this:

Note: the number on his suit is today's date!


  1. heh heh -- nice one.

  2. It's one of those that take a second look. At first, just scanning over it - I didn't see the gag. Makes it funnier, when it suddenly hits you.
    Great Cartoon :-)

  3. and a GREAT cartoon to boot! Way to go!

  4. Great blog, and funny too.

    You have been added to the Thanet Blog List.

    Pop along and check out Thanet's other blogs.



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