Monday, December 11, 2006

Can't go wrong with a penguin cartoon

Here's a Christmas cartoon for you. Except, well, it wasn't really intended as a Christmas cartoon at all. It was sold to Reader's Digest back in June and they held on to it for the current issue because, I suppose, snow=Christmas. I remember colouring this at the height of the summer heatwave and I swear it made me feel cooler in my stuffy attic room.

Last week I attended a Christmas bash held by Reader's Digest in London. I was a bit under the weather and tragically I had to forego the free booze and canapes in favour of mineral water! But it was great to catch up with some cartooning pals, and chat to a few I hadn't met before. It is written that when two or three are gathered in the name of cartooning, they shall moan and complain about the business. So there was a fair bit of that, but in a good natured way. Probably because of the free booze.


  1. Thanks! As I say, everyone loves a penguin cartoon ;-)

  2. i thought we had a very jolly time!

    btw, it's v nicely drawn, that one

  3. Nice big bear that. It's a pretty cool penguin too.

    Was it Oscar Wilde who said when banker's meet socially
    the talk invariably turns to art, when artists meet
    socially, the talk invariably turns to that of money -
    I paraphrase.



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