Monday, October 23, 2006

Spot the Difference

Oh, OK, there isn't one, they're all the same. And the kids are noticing. When my four-year-old saw a poster for Open Season the other day, he said, "Daddy that looks a bit like Over The Hedge". But he still wants to see it. And I just read that there's a new film out this week called Barnyard, which features ... a bunch of wacky CGI animals. Joy.


  1. i see your point but i still have to admire some of those character designs..

  2. Yeah, that's true some are great. But even they follow a formula. How many hyperactive squirrels/chipmunks can we take? How many slightly dopey hedgehog/porcupines? But the problem is not really with the character design or the CGI, it's with the lack of plot and structure, old-fashioned things like that.

  3. i haven't seen amy of these so i can't comment on that...i thought ice-age was quite good though...and chicken little was excellent -- really clever plot

  4. Really weird plot, the way it changed into War of the Worlds half way through! Hey, we could have one of those Newsnight Review type TV programmes, but purely for kids films ... "For me, Chicken Little is clearly addressing the post-9/11 culture of fear ..."

  5. Chicken Little is my favourite of the current batch of CGI films.

    You missed out Hoodwinked (probably the worst of the lot) which has EXACTLY the same gag as Over the Hedge - Hyper Squirrel drinks coffee and zooms around at super speed.

    Barnyard is the latest entry - don't get me started about the 'Male Cows' in that! Yep. Male Cows - not Bulls!!! They have full sets of udders! Pathetic.

  6. Ha, yes I've heard about Barnyard and the "male cows". Boddingtons did the same thing in their "Cream of Manchester" beer ads a few years ago. Highly bizarre.



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