Saturday, May 27, 2006

CGI hell

Why is it that Pixar, pioneer of the full-length computer-animated film, seems to be the only studio that can successfully pull it off? Today I took my three-year-old son to see Disney's The Wild, the story of a bunch of zoo animals forced to live in, er, the wild (this will sound familiar to anyone who saw last year's Madagascar.) It was truly, truly dire. The script was awful. It featured the voice of comedian Eddie Izzard but they forgot to give him any funny lines. The fact that he was a Koala bear "from London" called Nigel was presumably meant to be amusing enough.

Other recent atrocities I've had to suffer include Chicken Little and Ice Age 2. Of course, my son thought they were all great, though he seemed less enthusiastic about The Wild. When we got home we watched a couple of online trailers for Pixar's next one and we laughed ten times as much as we had just done at the cinema.


  1. AnonymousMay 30, 2006

    must say i really enjoyed chicken little -- thought it was funny, a great cartoon style, and some cool characters..

  2. It did have some redeeming features. I thought the design was good, the way the family's surburban house had elements of a chicken coop, for example. But the storytelling was a mess. The film was all over the place. Hey, this is a but like Late Review ... for kids films! We need Tom Paulin to come on and say that the sub-text of Chicken Little was clearly post-Vietnam anxiety ...



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