Strip for Hourly Comic Day

This is my first attempt at doing an #HourlyComicDay strip.

Click here to see a larger version
The concept has been running for a few years now. It takes place on February 1 (though like some others I did mine the day after, some did it the day before) and involves drawing comic panels every hour for all the hours you are awake (I stuck with one panel) and sharing it on social media.

It's just for fun and is certainly an interesting (and quite tiring!) exercise. I was fairly pleased with the result though there is lots I would change. But that's the nature of it, it's drawn and published quickly. It's probably a bit wordy and doesn't really have a narrative flow, but then I was making it up as I went along.

Doing something outside my normal cartoon work, and definitely outside my comfort zone, was fun. If do it again next year, I might try a different approach.

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