Friday, January 24, 2014

Private Eye cartoon: Retro humour

Sometimes cartoons come in a flash of inspiration. Much of the coverage of the trials of various TV and radio stars has featured multiple photographs of the accused, which led me to think, "It's like a bad episode of Celebrity Squares" ... and then quickly reach for my notebook.

Only after doing a bit of picture research for the cartoon did I discover that Celebrity Squares may indeed be due for a revival.

I can almost draw barristers and judges with my eyes closed, as I have drawn cartoons for the Law Society Gazette for many years.

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  1. Good gag- but I imagine you had to be careful with this one...

    1. Indeed. Any similarity to living persons is purely coincidental.

  2. Excellent!

    I spot a Hairy Cornflake somewhere in there (unless any lawyers are reading this in which case I see nothing)

  3. A Hairy Cornflake, maybe, but not *the* Hairy Cornflake ...



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