Cartoons in Private Eye and Oldie books

The Christmas book-buying season is upon us, inevitably, and I have cartoons in the 2013 Private Eye Annual 2013 and The Oldie Book of Cartoons.

Here's one from the former, as described, along with my Angry Birds cartoon, by Ian Hislop in this video (24.36 minutes in. The Eye editor appears to give it a caption!)

And this, another visual joke, can be seen in the Oldie book:

My cartoons can also be seen in all good bookshops in Private Eye: A Cartoon History and the book of Adventures With the Wife in Space.

But it would be remiss of me not to mention that my own cartoon book is still available. Like Morrissey's Autobiography, it's an instant penguin classic – ahem – and it fits in a stocking better than those mentioned above. Click here to buy it