Monday, May 7, 2012

Noted illustrator?

While doing spot of self-Googling (hey, c'mon, we've all done it ...) I found this on eBay: the first issue of DoodleBug comic from the summer of 1987.

It sold for £8, OK it's not quite in the Action Comics #1 league, but hey, it was only 25p at the time! What really tickled me about this though, was the following ...

Noted illustrator? Ha, that's going on my business cards!

Also of interest is the fact that the comic was kept in "temperature-controlled storage" for five years before it came out (!) And I'm heartened to find that one rusty staple is the only imperfection, I'd have thought some of the jokes fall into that category.

Click here to buy noted illustrator Royston's cartoon book


  1. Where was Doodlebug sold? I've never heard of it before, and at the time I was buying all sorts of Vizish comics (Viz only came out every two months, so I was young and desperate for more cartoony filth).

  2. North East, mostly: comic shops, hippy shops and market stalls in Newcastle, Darlington, Middlesbrough etc. I was still living with my folks in Catterick at the time.

    It was very much a small-press thing (though I wouldn't have known that term at the time) i.e. a self-published, fanzine-level mag. So we also sold quite a few by mail order too, thanks to mentions in magazines and fanzines and a few mentions on the radio (John Peel, Janice Long). Got orders from all over the world which, in the pre-internet age, seemed pretty amazing to a bunch of kids from North Yorkshire and Co Durham!



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