Exhibition cartoon: Private Eye at the V&A

"Must dash ... I want to spend some time on my social-networking websites."

I went along to the opening of Private Eye: The First 50 Years at the V&A on Monday. As is often the case with these things, I spent so much time chatting to people (there were more cartoonists there than I've ever seen in one place before) that I didn't get to see much of the show. I'll have a proper look next time I'm in London.

I did spot the above cartoon though. It's from 2007, before Twitter even took off. The guy here is probably still using MySpace. It can be seen in a glass case, rather than on the wall! That's because it's part of a mock-up of a messy Private Eye production table, which features cartoons, pages, cuttings and associated paraphernalia.

For more on the exhibition generally, head over to the PCO's Bloghorn, where I've put together a longer piece about the opening.
"I don't believe it, man -- my mum has taped EastEnders over my martyrdom video."

Meanwhile, the Chris Beetles Gallery in St James's, London, has an online selling exhibition of Private Eye artwork to coincide with the V&A event. I've got three for sale, including the above.

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