Thursday, September 9, 2010

Not Yet Sold: Cowboy cartoon

"Actually, my name, if you had bothered to ask, is Keith."

Geddit?! He's been through the desert on a horse with no name! You know, like in the song? Oh, suit yourselves.

Perhaps the joke is a bit obscure, or expects a bit of a leap of logic, either way this cartoon is a long-time occupant of the rejected pile. Click the link for more Not Yet Sold cartoons.

It made me laugh, anyway. I liked the idea of a horse called Keith. My kids have a similar sense of humour, I think. We recently got an adorably cute kitten and they decided that he is to be called Mike. Not Fluffy, or Mr Tibbles. Mike.

Royston's portfolio website


  1. Perhaps a cowboy song with less obscure lyrics would help, I seem to remember one that goes something like:

    I wan a be a cow poke,
    a poking cows all day……

    on second thoughts perhaps not.

    Sorry about that, in a purely professional context (I am an antiquarian and secondhand bookseller) I had to appraise a book called “Rude Origami” earlier today – I really wish I wasn’t joking here isbn 978-1842295243 – and haven’t been the same all day.

    This is really to say that I had missed you off of my links and have now added you to sidebar, sorry about the delay of three years, it was a genuine oversight.

  2. Thanks for the link Michael, I'll add you to my Local Blogs section too.

    Rude Origami, eh? Was it a pop-up book?!

  3. i was a bit confused looking at the cartoon -- what came to mind immediately was The Man With No Name, so i couldn't work out why the horse was speaking.

    good to see a cowboy cartoon though!

  4. I do like cowboy cartoons, but my lack of horse drawing skills prevents me from drawing them myself. So it's something I avoid.

    Great cartoon Royston. It's one of those that takes a moment or two to work out - which is no bad thing.

  5. Yeah, horses are not easy to draw. I seem to remember fiddling quite a bit with this drawing to get the horse right. I usually avoid drawing them. Like bicycles.

    It does take a moment or two, and I agree that that is no bad thing. But I fear that in the case of this cartoon it may be a moment or two too long ...



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