Friday, March 13, 2009

Comic Relief T-shirt

As today is Red Nose Day, my son was required to dress up for school. Like most six-year-olds he's really into drawing dinosaurs, so I traced two of his creations on to a white T-shirt and added some red noses. It was my wife's idea, so all in all it was a real family effort!

The dinosaurs are, of course, a T-Rex and a Brachiosaurus. Let's take a closer look. Raaaar ....
Royston's portfolio website


  1. those are awesome dinosaurs!
    i particularly like the brachiosaurus' little face
    fantastic work, all of you!

  2. Yeah, it's a great face on the Brachiosaurus. I made sure I kept them as he had drawn them, avoiding any little flourishes of my own!

  3. These are brilliant. Looks like your son's another cartoonist in the making!

  4. Superb! I see the family business continuing...

  5. Thanks, guys. I'm not sure I should encourage him to spend his life as a struggling freelance cartoonist though!



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