Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cat cartoon: The marital muse

Here's a cartoon from this week's Private Eye. This one came about when I was trying to think up some gags and, looking for inspiration, I asked my wife to give me a few "themes" that I could work on. I'm not sure she even looked up from her sudoku to say, "Er, I don't know ... sudoku". I said something sarcastic along the lines of, "Great, thanks for the effort." But a cartoon still emerged. Not sure when the cat came into it. I just like doing cat cartoons.

Cartoons by Royston (on cats and other subjects)


  1. It's a brilliant cartoon, Royston. I thought it was the best cartoon in this issue!

    One of those, damn I wish I'd thought of it, cartoons :-)

  2. Thanks, Clang! I've just sold the original artwork to a Private Eye reader so it is obviously one that hit the spot.

  3. Love this cartoon and the cat looks really cool!

  4. Cheers. Steve. Yes I always tend to draw cats looking cool and aloof and dogs as a bit dopey. No prizes for guessing whether I'm a cat person or a dog person.



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