Using cartoons: Excelente gag por el genial Royston Robertson

We've all done it. You have a moment of down time and, inevitably, the Devil makes work for idle hands. So you find yourself indulging in that sordid activity known as – whisper it – self-Googling. For a cartoonist this can throw up some interesting results, such as this (click image to enlarge):

Now I've no idea who this guy is, or why he's used one of my cartoons to illustrate his blog entry. But he's given me a credit and a link to my website, which helps Google rankings of course, so I'll turn a blind eye. Plus, according to the Altavista Babelfish translator, "el genial" translates as "the brilliant one". Flattery will get you everywhere.

But I would say to anyone thinking of lifting cartoons from this blog, or my website, please ask. If it's for any kind of for-profit site, there will of course be a charge. But if it's for a blog, like this one, I may just ask for a credit and a link to my website. Gracias y adiĆ³s.