Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The cartoonist's dilemma

One of the key dilemmas that faces the cartoonist is this: Do I get out of bed to jot down that idea that I have just had ... or do I leave it and hope that I will remember it in the morning?

The case for staying in bed: It's warm. And comfy. I'd have to find my glasses in the dark. It probably won't seem that funny in the cold light of day anyway.

The case against: You will never remember the idea. It never works.

Curiously I didn't write down last night's idea and yet I did remember it (didn't seem that funny in the cold light of day). Could this be because I also thought, "I could do a blog entry on this cartoonist's dilemma" ? Hmmm.


  1. Metaphysical horror for Mr Robertson. Carry a pen and pencil at all times - scatter them liberally all over the house and discover, when you actually need one, you still won't have one to hand...

  2. But there's nothing worse when you're in bed than finding you've got no lead in your pencil
    ... sorry, I just had a "Carry On" moment there. That happens sometimes

  3. Some of my best cartoons are lost inside my head. I can always remember the crap ideas for some reason.
    Sometimes I can remember better by visualising the cartoon several times, but this isn't 100%.

  4. I'm having this problem as I write. I was sure I'd remember, in bed, this morning, - but now cannot. Argggh. Your blog is very good by the way - great cartoons.




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