Monday, June 17, 2013

Spectator cartoon: Masked humour

I drew this months ago but coincidentally it appears in print (in the current Spectator magazine) in the same week that I saw a film screened live in a cinema for the first time.

The joke is a dig at your typical noisy mulitplex customer, but they're unlikely to be seen at a play so in fact it was very enjoyable (it's just the old cartoonist cynicism at work again). We saw the National Theatre Live screening of The Audience, with Helen Mirren. Of course, it'll never match the experience of the real thing, but if you can't make it/afford it, it's the next best thing. Sadly, during the performance we saw she did not berate any gay drummers.

Here's another "theatre masks" cartoon from a couple of years ago.


  1. Nice gag, Royston. Coincidentally, we saw The Audience 'live' last Monday - in the theatre. Thought it was excellent. How did the screening work? Was it all from one stationary camera, or did it cut to close-ups, different angles etc?

    Love the Booking Fee one too!

  2. There were close-ups and different angles. Some who'd seen these broadcasts before said too many. But it's probably a tough call, I don't think a stationary camera would work, so a cinematic element inevitably creeps in. As I say, it's obviously not the same as seeing the real play but it's probably the next best thing.

    Oddly, I think the "live" element is the least important part. The NT is showing the one we saw again, as a non-live "Encore" screening, and I'm not sure it would make any difference to the experience.



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