Friday, October 21, 2011

Art cartoon: Sorry, Vincent

Regular readers will know I like to do art-based cartoons, so here's my take on a famous Van Gogh. Click the image to enlarge.

This one is in, er, slightly poor taste, so lots of mags passed on it. But it has found its natural home in the November issue of the adult comic Poot, which is not averse to a bit of gross-out humour. They have a softer side though, and it was Poot that added this rather fetching frame.

Apologies, as ever, to the artist ... and indeed to art lovers everywhere! Pedants note: Yes, I know he didn't cut off his ear in this room. It's just a joke.

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  1. heh, thought you were going to say he didn't cut off his ear at all, as he didn't, of course... only a small part of it. and it may even have been gauguin who did that...

    only yanking your chain, of course. nice gag, and clever use of spot colour.

  2. Heh, that did go through my mind when I was drawing this, but have you ever tried drawing *part* of an ear?! As you know, cartoons obey the old maxim "when the legend becomes fact, print the legend".

    The Van Gogh story changes all the time. The other day I heard that some academics reckon he didn't actually shoot himself. It was some teenagers he knew, when they were all drunk, and he covered for them.

  3. yeah i heard that one too. it seems if you wait long enough, and watch enough QI, everything you ever thought to be true will be proved otherwise.

  4. Have you watched Only Connect? It makes QI seem like Deal or No Deal

  5. We're *big* fans of Only Connect in our house even though loads of the questions are baffling. But it's hugely rewarding when you get one right! The questions get much harder too, as it progresses through quarter-finals, semis etc.

    I got this one right last week, but no one on the show did! What's fourth in the sequence?
    Home Brain Heart

  6. Excellent cartoon and spot-on drawing, Royston! Glad the cartoon found a home.

  7. No takers for that question, huh? ... For the sake of completeness, the answer was "Courage" i.e. the things sought by four main characters in the Wizard of Oz: Home, Brain, Heart, Courage.



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