Monday, January 31, 2011

Social-networking cartoon: Don't tweet and drive

Here's a cartoon drawn to illustrate a newspaper article about tweeting and driving. A very real problem, apparently, along with texting and Facebooking while driving.

It amazes me that anyone would use a mobile phone while driving. I sometimes find I can't even listen to the radio and concentrate on the road at the same time!

The first draft of this was slightly more graphic. I lifted this drawing from an earlier, unsold (probably not surprising) cartoon about using phones while driving.

Ouch! That's gotta hurt. The paper didn't go for it, of course.

While on the subject, you can follow me on Twitter, provided you are not driving, of course.


  1. Another good'un Royston. You're on a roll!

    I like the more graphic version - think it's all the funnier to have him 'lol'ing in such a smashed up state.

  2. Thanks, Tim. I agree about the graphic one, but they thought it too gruesome for a family newspaper.



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