Friday, March 26, 2010

Newspaper cartoon: Getting down and dirty

I think, on balance, that contributing to this particular report was probably more rewarding for me than for the poor snapper who had to tread the streets to find a pile of vomit to photograph. Click image to enlarge (if you haven't just eaten).

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  1. Broken Britain-tch! At least it keeps us cartoonists in work- every cloud n all that. (Smelliest and dirtiest place i've ever been? Florence, Italy. Still love it though)

  2. I think broken *toilets* is the problem. If there were more public toilets there might be less of a problem. Not a particularly nice topic though, so I don't expect we'll see anyone campaigning on that at the election.

  3. Hmm... not the most pleasant of topics to have to draw. You did well with it.

    After our Friday night drink with you, we got the last tube back to Old St. Sure enough someone had been copiously sick all over the floor of the carriage - lots of holding noses and moving to the opposite end. Ah, the joys of drink!

  4. That might have been me had I not sensibly switched to Coke at about 9pm!

    Yes, I was pleased with the cartoon, it works for the piece. I think it's a good example of how a cartoon can be used to "lift" an otherwise disagreeable topic by adding some humour.

  5. Col RobinsonMarch 28, 2010

    Love the titles on what they are all carrying - 'Milk', brilliant!

  6. Well the idea, which I hope comes across, is that the streets always smell terrible first thing in the morning, hence Milk, Papers and Post. It's actually based on experience of living in London, when I had a job that required me getting in for 7am. The streets near ours stank of urine and chili sauce from kebabs! Not nice.



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