Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pen talk: Non-cartoonists look away now!

Here's a tip that I got from the US Wisenheimer cartoonists' forum that will be of interest to anyone who uses Faber-Castell PITT brush pens.

If you do use them you'll know that the nibs can go flat very quickly. But because they usually still have lots of ink in them, I tend to hang on to them, sometimes using them for filling in or for roughs.

But Canadian cartoonist Michael McDonnell came up with this tip: If you take a pair of tweezers you can remove the nib and turn it around giving you a brand new brush tip to work with.

I've tried it and it works a treat. And I've since found that I have about 40-odd blunt pens stashed in various drawers and jam jars around my office. They can all be used as new, which means I've saved myself about £75. Hurrah. Thanks again, Michael!

Cartoons by Royston


  1. Brilliant tip. Just tried it, and it works just as you describe.

    Will you be posting this tip on CCGB?

  2. Hi Clang, actually I posted it on the CCGB forum the same day I wrote this blog entry. In order to keep the moderators happy I posted it in the "How to" section. I always reckon no one really looks at those areas, and you've just proved me right!



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